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City Pups specializes in on-site pet care just steps from the residents door. Our pup-pals are dog lovers trained to give the residents pup the best doggy day while they’re hard at work. We provide top notch dog walking services anytime between 9AM-5PM.

We take the guess work out of the most stressful part of the residents day; leaving their dog for work. Resident gone all day, and their dog lonely in their apartment? Not a problem! With permission from them via an option on our mobile platform they can take the guess work out of getting their pup the care they need. We pick the dogs up for their walk without the resident having to be home.



When they sign up for our services they get access to our easy to use mobile platform, where they can select which days they’d like their pup walked, what time they’d like us to pick up their pup and what time they’d like them home.

If they’re running late getting home and need their dog fed, we can do that as well. City Pups is available for all the residents needs regarding their fur baby.



City Pups makes billing easy for your residents. We charge a flat rate of $250 per month. This gives access to one 20 minute walk per day, anytime between 9AM and 5PM. We are also on call at a moments notice to check on the pup, feed the pup, or check up on your furry friend. Our Concierge is located on site for all the residents needs throughout the day.

Monthly Unlimited (1 Dog) – $250
Monthly Unlimited (2 Dogs) – $450


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