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Our Mission

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Company Overview

City Pups was born on the vision that there should be more affordable and time efficient daycare options for the working professional. We offer on-site daycare services for apartment community residents at their existing location. This enables our customers the ability to save lost hours per week sitting in city traffic, but also cuts their day care costs by as much as 25%. Aside from our daycare services, City Pups is a one stop shop for the apartment community’s canine management. We offer a turn key service for all needs: Dog Waste Management, Dog Care facility maintenance sanitization, and resident life dog events. Our main goal at City Pups is to create a long- lasting partnership with our communities to drive higher occupancy rates and creating happier residents through our services.

Our Mission

City Pups specializes in bringing the daycare services to you at your current apartment community. Creating the most cost effective and convenient daycare to date. With our custom-tailored packages, you can rest assured that your four-legged friend is getting the best possible care at an affordable price. So what are you waiting for? Join us today and see why City Pups is the perfect choice for all of your pup’s daycare needs!

The Problem

Residents Hassle

Pet care in major metropolitan cities is expensive and time consuming to utilize for your residents.

Management Concerns

Allowing pets on site creates unwanted stress and hassles for property management.

Pups Well-Being

Not providing dogs with regular engagement and activity leads to health-related issues and anxieties from small confinements.

Our Solution

Residents Peace of Mind

By utilizing the apartments existing facilities, City Pups is able to pass on the savings to the consumer, while also providing the most convenient pet care to date on-site.

Managements Solution

City Pups provides turn key pet related services to property management, cutting out many third party ancillary services such as Pet Waste Pick up, pet data storage, and security issues with allowing third pet care providers on-site. We encompass this under one umbrella, to make it easier, safer and more convenient for property management.

Healthy & Happy Pup

By bringing City Pups Services to your residents and their pups, you are providing the animal with a safe and effective outlet to burn energy, engage with other animals & humans, all the while creating a community for your residents and their furry family members.

Give your furry friends a premium lifestyle

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