Our Mission



City Pups

Your Dog. OUR COMMUNITY. Everyone's Bestfriend.

City Pups specializes in bringing the daycare services to you at your current apartment community.
Creating the most cost effective and convenient daycare to date.


Minimal Daycare Options Available in High Traffic Areas.

Untapped Market of Certain
Consumers due to Profession.

Time Spent for Customer to Utilize Services.


Convenient On-site Amenity

City Pups is all the luxury of traditional Doggy Daycare located on site, where you live.

Complimentary Pick Up/ Drop Off

We offer complimentary pick up & drop off via the City Pups app, further extending our services to those who leave early and come home late.

Turn Key Dog Related Resident Services

Our services are not only more convenient and safer, they offer great value add to apartment communities by relieving the management company of all pet related hassles.

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