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On-Site Doggy Day Care

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The Awesomeness

City Pups Day Care Providing Solutions to Every Dog Owner

We offer on-site daycare services for apartment community residents at their existing location. This enables our customers the ability to save lost hours per week sitting in city traffic, but also cuts their day care costs by as much as 25%.

Convenient On-site Amenity

City Pups is all the luxury of traditional Doggy Daycare located on site, where you live.

Complimentary Pick Up/ Drop Off

We offer complimentary pick up & drop off via the City Pups app, further extending our services to those who leave early and come home late.

Turn-Key Dog Related Resident Services

Our services are not only more convenient and safer, they offer a great value-add to apartment communities by relieving the management company of all pet related hassles.

City Pups Day Care Services

  • City Pups specializes in on-site daycare just steps from your door. Our daycare professionals are dog lovers trained to give the resident’s pup the best doggy day while they’re hard at work.
  • We take the guess work out of the most stressful part of their day; leaving their dog for work. Resident leaving for work early or getting home late? Not a problem! With permission from them via an option on our mobile platform they can take the guess work out of getting their pup the care they need.
  • When they sign up for our services they get access to our easy to use mobile platform, where they can select which days they’d like daycare, what time they’d like us to pick up their pup and what time they’d like them home.
  • If they’re running late getting home, we can also drop them off in their apartment, FREE OF CHARGE. It’s as simple as selecting the option on the mobile platform

The City Pups Process

01 Scheduling

Resident schedules pick up & drop off time in our proprietary app

02 Confirm

Our team then confirms the reservation, sending confirmation to residents

03 Pick Up

Our handler comes to door & picks up the dog using our supplied lock boxes

04 Dog Plays

The residents dog gets full day stimulation with other animals & humans while the owner has full access to watch via our live cameras

05 Drop Off

We drop the resident’s dog back off at the apartment at selected time

Day Rates

First Day

$ 00
  • Half Day Temperament Test
Best Value

Full Day

$ 35
  • Up to 8 hours

Half Day

$ 20
  • Up to 4 hours

Pup Packages

Best Value

Great Dane

$ 399
  • 20 Day Package

The Golden

$ 349
  • 15 Day Package


$ 249
  • 10 Day Package


$ 149
  • 5 Day Package