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Bringing City Pups pet care amenities to your community takes your property from dog friendly to ULTRA dog friendly. We believe that dogs are just as much residents as your human tenants. We take the guess work out of the pet related hassle’s that come along with allowing dogs in your community. By partnering with us not only will this lead to resident stress relied, but also allow apartment management to focus on providing top tier service in their day to day operations.

Reasons to implement our amenities

Safety and Security

By having City Pups on site you are creating a safer and more secure community. It is no secret that residents need pet care services provided. By leaving it in their hands, you could have 10’s of different dog walkers and service providers gaining access to your community daily. With us, it’s the same friendly faces with our on-site staff daily. Our teams go through rigorous background checks and training to be apart of our pup pal team.

Pet Waste

City Pups takes pride in a clean and orderly community. Not only do we clean the facilities we use daily, but we also take the extra care to pick up and clean up after doggy doo doo that may have been left behind by someone else. Our team is walking the community all throughout the day. If we see it, we pick it up. No questions asked.

Competitive Advantage

We believe our amenity services provide a competitive advantage no other amenity can provide. A residents pup is their family, and we know they will do whatever it takes to get them the care the animal deserves and needs. We believe you will see an uptick in resident occupancy. How? It’s simple, residents will move to gain access to services they can’t find anywhere else. Our services provide a feeling of exclusivity that is second to none in the market.

Community within a Community

At the end of the day City Pups is a family. We strive to engrain ourselves in the lives of the residents and in the culture of the community. We create a community within a community by hosting regular resident pup events to encourage engagement and comradery amongst your residents. Bringing the community together on a common bond is our mission.

CAS (Certified Apartment Supplier) certified Any services we provide are of the highest quality and meet all industry standards

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